Owon VDS1022 to VDS1022I conversion

I use VDS1022 for some simple tasks but like to have isolation between PC and oscilloscope inputs to prevent USB port damage =)

I found that VDS1022 and VDS1022i have same hardware except two things: ADUM3160 and  DCP020505U IC’s and pair of 27R resistors:


ADUM3160 – full speed(12Mb/s) isolation IC.

DCP020505U – 2W is 5V to 5V DC-DC converter.

If you like to convert your VDS1022 to VDS1022I do the following:

  1. Remove R104-R109
  2. Replace R99,R100 with 22-27R resistors
  3. Place ADUM3160 on U37 place
  4. Place DCP020505U on U9 place

All things done!

I was unable to buy DCP020505U  for a reasonable price from local supplier thats why i use DCP020505P for my VDS1022 MOD:

You can also use any other similar DC-DC instead of DCP020505

Great EEVblog thread about VDS1022/VDS1022I difference


Thank you for reading =)