ERSA i-con 1 repair

Once upon a time my 5 years old ERSA i-con 1 died =)

It start to show “heater error” time to time. I’ve purchased replacement heating elemement and bought spare I-con Nano. I-con Nano covered my demands for prototyping so i do not need to repair the main unit that time.

Some time ago i found this thread on EEVBlog:

There are lots of interesting photos there but i like to post info only about the problem i found in my unit:

2,2kOhm SMT resistor was defective. When i check it first time i’ve seen ~2kOhms but later some MegaOhm.

EEVBlog user millerfield replace SMT to thru hole resistor on this photo:

So if you have same problem – check it firsly.