JBC HT420-A Teardown


I’ve bought several JBC tools and will start to describe all features of them here.  Also will post some info how to use them without original control units.  Thank you for your support! Let’s start with HT420-A how twizers. This one was bought used  on ebay for about 60USD shipped from UK to Russia with set of two C420-271 cartridges !!

Teardown is a teardown! Disassemble expensive connector Binder 99-0617-00-06 connector and cutting the wires:

JBC uses good cable: flexible wires with silver coating and PTFE insulation covered with black silicone shell. HT420-A has  tool identification resistor inside  between 1  and 6 pins, it’s 330 Ohm 5%:


Wiring of the HT420-A is following:

You can see that HT420 have very interesting connection with cartridges made of meatal with silver coating. Very large contact area between heater pins helps to achive minimum contact resistance. Pinout of C420-271:

Need to say that firstly i want to buy HT470-A twizers. I do not plan to use them with original control units because of they are very expensive and take lots of space on a working place. Just take a look at original set: HDE Tweezer Station

After several attempts to get HT470-A for reasonable price i start to think about DIY twizers assembly based on C470 cartridges. But also found following photos on JBC website:

Look very similar isn’t it? =) Currently i’m waiting for thick 6 cores silicone wire and plan to re-assemble HT420-A with it – to get full perfomance of C470 irons with it=) Thank you for reading…