Repair defective JBC C210 typ with new ERSA typ.

C210 trics

I had used Ersa Minityp S (0015BDH040) 12V 6W iron for several years for QFN soldering.

Now i’m using JBC tools but the perfect shape of the Ersa 0012BD is something what i want to have with the power of JBC C210 series cartridges. So i decided to make the crossbreeding procedure =)))

Got one old C210 cartridge from local flea market. On this photo you can see JBC C210 cartridge, ERSA Minityp iron and ERSA Minor iron.

This C210 is unusable because of typ corrosion.

After some dremeling we have following:

And the final result:

I am very pleased with the results. Now i have up to 30w peak power with perfect 0012BD shape =)

C245 trics

Also have some defective JBC C245 cartridges and want to use their heat elements for another application(like custom soldering irons and etc.)

Using diamond cutting disc for making incision:

It is not neede to cut the full depth…

Now using flat screwdriver we need to open the gap:

Everything is ok:

Need to say that some new JBC iron have laser welded outer stainless steel shell:

I do not disassemble such irons yet, so do not know how to do it better…

Thank you for reading=)