JBC Soldering Cartridges Pinouts


I want to summarize all info about JBC Cartridges Pinouts.

Let’s start from JBC C105, C210, C245 and C470 series.

I have all of them so it’s simple=)

Firstly Resistance:

I will make several measurements for resistance and “temperature”.

For “temperature” measurements will apply external heat to Cartridge and check the resulting “Temperature” shown by DMM. Tc of each soldering cartridge is different from standart DMM K type thermocouple so “temperature” will only show that we have right polarity and votage and DMM clamps connected to correct pins.

If two pins show “ambient” temperature – it means that this two pins do not have thermocouple between them(so in our case – they are connected together, or goes to Heater).

Fluke short Circuit  for Reference.

C105 series cartridge pinout:

C210 series cartridge pinout:

C245 series cartridge pinout:

For C245, C470 Fluke precision is  not good enogth so i will use Keithley 2010 with 4w circuit to measure low Ohm reistance of heater, thermocouple(at ambient temperature) and heater + thermocouple in series.

C470 series cartridge pinout:

There are lots of incorrect pinouts  on the web, but i try to make it clear and provide measurement photos for it.


p.s old twizers series C420  pinout can be found in this article: