JBC TE-TA hot air companion for my Quick 856AE

Purchased JBC TE-TB handle from amazon.it for very low price.

Firstly received TE-A handle without heater and finally after long negotiations with the seller – received TE-TA (TE-A with Heater) =)

TE-TB and TE-TA both have 300w heating element but TE-TA have larger handle diameter. TE-TA is an older version.

In any case TE-TB and TE-TA handles both have very small size and can be used for precision hot air soldering.

Before it i have several china-made hot air tools Lukey 868, Quick .. Quick 856AE. Now i’m using only 1200w 856AE and like to have smaller one.

Here you can see comparison of two handles of quick 856AE and TE-TA. I’ve placed them aligned to the grip place:

2020 Feb 18 update:

Just received quality brushless blower from Aliexpress:

Works well but speed control resolution is poor, so will make custom motor control circuit. I do not need 240 L per minute blow.


Custom control unit WIP… will post addition info later.